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LibCGI - CGI easy as C

My name is Rafael Steil, I'm from Brazil.

I started programming LibCGI just for fun at september/2001. The reason I wrote this lib was, originally, to learn more about C programming. In that time, I had many problems with pointers manipulation, and I was being a bit bored about it.
I needed a reason, a good reason continue. Those days I've been coding in PHP, and I sill like PHP a lot, because it is powerful and fun to code with. But on the other hand, I don't want to work with PHP for the rest of my life, I want to do something of exciting, like programming games :).

Just as curiosity, currently I spend my time ( which means, I'm paid for ) coding in Java and C#.

When I wrote the first LibCGI's line of code ( in this time LibCGI was just a test program ), I knew absolutely nothing about CGI programming, I didn't know how to read form variables, nothing.
After some time searching in the Internet, I found some cool papers, and one of them described how to read data, and before reading it, I thought "sucks, It seems to be really complex", but not, I was wrong! How fun!! After some hours I finished a more complex program, that reads from STDIN and parses it! So I thought "why not make a lib???".

Great! I had one more reason to code in C. At that time, I was already codding much better, and I was safe that could do something very cool! Now, the result is LibCGI. I would like to thank to everyone that send me suggestions, bugs and bug-fixes, well, to everyone that uses LibCGI. Thanks a lot guys.!!


Mailing list
LibCGI haves a mailing list, where you can ask anything about CGI programming with LibCGI, lib enhancments, suggestions, whatever. Just go to

The Manual
You can access the documentation clicking here
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